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empowering Women through employment

Nepal with her enthralling mountains attracts almost a million tourists a year to get a glimpse of or even scale the majestic Himalayas.

As picturesque as our country is, boasting of a rich cultural heritage, scenic beauty and the Himalayas, most of our people still live below the poverty line, with limited access to health, education and other basic necessities. Our literacy rate is only 57.4%, leaving a majority of our population unemployed, which adversely hinders our economic growth and development.

As Nepal is a patriarchal society, women are still subordinate to men and most engage in traditional roles such as farming or household chores. With the escalating number of men migrating to the Middle East and other countries in search of better employment opportunities, women are left behind to solely sustain their households.

However, in the past few years, women have been able to get themselves involved in the handicraft business. This involves the making of textile goods made from pashmina, wool, hemp, cotton, and other textile products along with metal craft, jewelry making, handmade paper products, bamboo, wood, crystal, stone, beads, bone products and other goods. This provides them an opportunity for a better living and helps alleviate poverty.

Our women employees share similar stories. Each of these women, who persistently and tirelessly work to make these wonderful masterpieces for you, holds a story of hardship and struggle. By employing women, we aspire to empower them. With your help, we hope to employ more women and make each one of them self-sufficient, because every product you purchase makes a difference to their lives. We envisage an optimistic future for our women through employment.